Call Tracking

With Ring IQ you can track all incoming calls from your advertising campaigns to help eliminate the ones that do not produce results. Our IQ reports provides the data you need to grow your business and increase your ROI.

Detailed Reporting

Call Tracking Metrics is crucial to making analytic decisions. You can see detailed reports in seconds with the option to print, save or email them. We provide detailed reports and 100% transparency for your campaigns.

Call Routing

You have the ability to route calls to multiple landlines and mobile phones. You have options to send calls in a round robin style or ring multiple phones at the same time. Controlling how your calls are routed is quick and simple!

Custom Features

We provide you with the most custom features available which includes Call Recording, Call Greeting, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voicemail, Call Whisper and many more. Use pre-recorded system recordings or create your own.

Robust Call Tracking Software
yet simple to use!

We have simplified the process of implementing call tracking and call routing features for your business. Let's face it, you don't have time to learn how to set up some complex system and we know that. Our system is very simple to use and if you do have questions support is a click or phone call away. We pride ourselves in our support times. When you need help..... We are here and can generally provide a response within an hour! Business owners such as yourself has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing call tracker software solutions in the world and we are going to continue supporting you! Ring IQ is used and trusted by companies worldwide. We built it....... Businesses use it..... We support it 100%!

Whether you are a smaller local business or a very large coorperation, Ring IQ can help you handle incoming calls and deliver them to the appropriate phone or phones. We can help smaller businesses sound like a large coorperation but we can also help large coorperations save money by routing calls to the appropriate department. Needless to say, you will quickly discover which of their advertising campaigns work and which ones do not. We are ALL ABOUT REPORTS!

Admin Panel

You can manage all aspects of your call tracking and routing via any computer or mobile device very easily. We have kept the admin area clean and simple to navigate.

Advertising Campaigns

Add each of your advertising campaigns to your Admin panel and assign a tracking phone number to each one. Also set greetings, call recording notices and who to send calls to.


Route Your Calls

Add an unlimited amount of employees in your account that can receive calls for your company. Incoming calls can be routed to any landline or mobile devices.


Instantly generate detailed reports to see best or worst performing campaigns, peak call times and who is answering your calls. We really focus on providing you with quick access to almost any report imaginable.

Clean, Easy to Navigate Admin Area

Who would have thought that such a complex and comprehensive piece of software could be so easy to run? Our team of developers has created Ring IQ to be one of the most powerful call tracking systems on the market but they have simplified the entire process for business owners. Once you're logged in and understand the process.... You can literally set up your Campaign and Call Routing in less than 2 minutes! If you should get confused, your dashboard has a tutorial video with the suggested steps and each screen has an over the shoulder video that shows you how to set it up. You simply will not find a more robust system that is this easy to use.

Your Admin Area

Inside your admin area you are able to control all features needed to run successful call tracking and routing campaigns.

  • Set Text & Email Notifications (Missed Calls, Voicemails, etc.)
  • Text & Email Notifications
  • Choose Local Numbers for Campaigns
  • Create, Start/Stop, Remove Campaigns
  • Create Custom Recordings (Greetings, Voicemails, Call Recording Notices)
  • Send Calls to Single or Multiple Users
  • Turn Call Recording ON/OFF
  • Playback Call Recordings
  • Review, Print, Email, Save Detailed Reports

Plus... Much More! Ready to get started?

Choose a Plan

A Company Built by Users

We always encourage input from our users and love hearing your ideas! A lot of great features have been implemented from business owners.

"The notifications addition is great! All of my customers are valuable to me and if my phone is not being answered by employees I want to know."
Sabrina Lopez
S&L Property Management
"I use a custom IVR and my office girls love it because they are not having to re-route sales calls. I also like being able to make all my sales team's phone ring at once or use your round robin feature."
Andrew Rossi
Rossi Used Cars
"Keeping accurate records of incoming sales calls has always been an issue for us. Now we can run our reports in seconds and know exactly how our ads are performing."
AJ Willis
East Valley Equipment Sales & Rentals

How Can Ring IQ Help You?

Initially Ring IQ was developed as a call tracking software to help business owners better monetize their ad spend with detailed metrics. However, since inception the flexibility of this system has grown to offer many advantages to businesses big and small. Whether you are looking to make analytic decisions based on advertising performance or looking for a solution to route incoming calls we are sure you will enjoy how flexible our system is.


  • Poor Performing Advertisements
  • Manually Tracking Ad Performance
  • Inaccurate Advertising Reports
  • Expensive Additional Landlines
  • Missed Sales Calls


  • Advertisement ROI
  • Productivity
  • Report Accuracy
  • How Calls are Handled
  • Online/Offline Ad Performance

Setting Up Your Call Tracking

After signing up for a call tracker plan you can instantly set up your campaigns. Below is a diagram of the steps to setting up your call tracking.

Company Info

Start by adding your basic company info and notification preferences.

You only do this once but of course you can always edit any info or notification settings.


Add Users / Assign Permissions

Add Users to your account. You can choose whether to give each one system access and whether or not they can receive calls.

This also is only needed during initial set up (if applicable for your situation) but is always editable to add or remove employees.


Add a Tracking Number

Go to Numbers and add a tracking number to your account. Local numbers are easily found by typing in your area code and using asteriks for wildcards.

I.E. 480*****00

Step #3

Set Up Your Campaign

Name your campaign and how you want calls routed. You have the option to send incoming calls to the primary business phone and/or employees.

Additionally, you can have the system evenly distribute calls (round robin) amongst employees or make all phones ring at once.


Campaign - Number Configuration

This is where you assign your greeting/call recording notice, voicemail, IVR or call whisper recordings to each campaign.

This is where you also Enable/Disable incoming call recording feature.



You have set up your first campaign! Now repeat Steps 3 through 5 for any additional campaigns you want to run.

Repeat Steps 3-5
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