Round robin call routing is a method of delivering incoming sales calls to your team. It is a great way to ensure that everyone on your team gets their share of sales calls. Basically, call number one will go to salesperson number one, call number two will go to salesperson number two, call three will go to salesperson number three and so on.

The idea is that everyone in your team has a chance at getting a new customer or sale. With the RingIQ Call Tracking System you are able to add as many employees as you want, and you can also specify their work schedule. Then as sales calls come in, RingIQ knows which employees are on duty and will take turns sending calls to each on-duty employee.

The benefits of the round robin call routing feature is that it ensures your team members get a fair share of calls, and it also provides you with better insight into the performance and efficiency of each member in your sales team. Not only does the round-robin call routing and recording help you track your employees performance and make sure they’re handling calls per expectations, but it also helps in the following ways:

  • Work more efficiently with a smaller team.
  • You do not have to have a receptionist routing calls all day.
  • Can boost moral across your entire team because they all get calls.

A good example of a company that can benefit from round-robin call routing is an auto dealership that may have sales people that works on different shifts. For example, when the A team (morning shift) is on duty, incoming sales calls will be routed across this sales team until the B team comes on duty. The same is true for the B team when they’re on duty.

We have many companies that like and use the round-robin feature to route their incoming sales calls. This is only one of the call routing options offered by RingIQ. You can read this post that covers all the routing options available to you.

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