What is Call Tracking SoftwareThe concept of call tracking is a great way to figure out which marketing channels are the most effective. Call tracking uses different phone numbers for each of your online and offline campaigns. This not only allows you to know how many people called but also which ad they’re calling about! Imagine being able to see that one billboard downtown generated more calls than any other single channel.

  • Call tracking software tracks your incoming calls to see what marketing is working for you. You can use the information it provides to improve ROI by targeting advertising on different channels more efficiently.

In addition, a call tracking system helps you track the return on your investment (ROI) by giving you insights into which of your outgoing ads are generating phone calls. In turn, gaining new customers or revenue from those phone call engagements with potential clients. The goal of this technology is not only to generate sales but also reduce wasted efforts that yield no results – weeding through data points quickly and easily when trying to determine how best spend time and resources during a busy work day becomes vital!

  • Call tracking allows you to monitor and better train your staff. With a simple click, all incoming sales calls can be recorded and reviewed when you have time to see how each individual is performing on their particular tasks. You’ll have a clear view into what they’re doing wrong or right!

The call tracking option can be used on a campaign level so you have the ability to choose which campaign calls are recorded. With RingIQ.com the call recording feature is 100% free to use.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Easy to UseWith call tracking you also have the option to choose how your incoming calls are routed. With this type of control over your calls, you should  never miss another sales call.

  • You can route incoming calls using 4 different options.

1. Ring Primary Number – This is usually your office phone.

2. Ring Multiple Numbers – This option allows you to add and choose several employees to notify. When a call comes in, all employees (if they are “On Duty”) phones will ring at the same time. Once the call is answered, all the other phones stop ringing.

3. Round Robin – This option allows you to add and choose several employees also but the RingIQ system takes turns sending calls to each employee.

4. Custom IVR – You are able to create a custom IVR that prompts the call to interact with their keypad in order to be routed. With the custom IVR you can choose to use any of the previously mentioned routing methods.

  • Run reports literally in seconds! With RingIQ you can run several different types of reports and it only takes seconds. With one click these reports can be emailed, printed or saved to your computer.

With the many benefits RingIQ provides to your company, it’s definitely worth scheduling a demo. You can do this in minutes online at any time of day or night and we will show you how our software works! The sooner you schedule a demo with us, the more likely you are to realize some of these benefits for yourself.

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