You don’t have to be a world-class mathematician to run your own business, but understanding just one simple mathematical principle is crucial: to make more money, you must earn more than what you spend. Of course, everyone knows this, but this isn’t always an easy task for entrepreneurs who find themselves investing in the wrong places.

With so many advertising choices both online and offline, a common mistake many small business owners often fall into when advertising, is simply throwing their budget at anything and everything they think will bring results.

Rather than just randomly throwing money out of the window, it is crucial that you think about how much you can afford, then determine the goals of your marketing strategies and what steps are needed before launching them. The one thing every business knows is that advertising is crucial to grow. So now let’s discuss ways we can make sure this money isn’t all going down a black hole:

1) Do Your Research

Researching advertising successes and failures in your industry can be insightful for several reasons. First, it exposes you to a variety of marketing techniques that have been successful or failed. It also allows you the ability to see what might work well with your company’s audience because some ads are tailored specifically towards certain industries or demographics, such as age groups or genders. Finally, researching into previously-used campaigns will make more recent ones stronger by allowing companies time for adaptations based on previous feedback from customers and competitors alike.

2) Network

It’s important to network with professionals in your industry, but it can be difficult when you’re just starting out. Fortunately, there are many methods of doing so! Attend workshops and seminars in your area or online for opportunities to meet other people like yourself who have the same interests as you do. You may also want to try attending trade shows- these events will give attendees a chance not only for networking, but also an opportunity to learn about new marketing techniques that could really help them grow their business if they use them wisely.

3) Select the Advertising Strategies That Will Appeal to Your Customer Base

Test what type of ads work best for your brand. For example, which of these strategies will capture the attention of your customers? Television commercials, radio ads, billboards, direct mail postcards?

4) Have a Strong Social Media Presence

You don’t have to be a social media superstar, but it is important to regularly engage across different social media formats and post regularly. Update your status, share content from news sites or other interesting websites you find, comment on friends’ posts with witty comments that will make them laugh – the more likes and followers you get in return for this activity means the better! You should take advantage of all opportunities while managing your public profile online, as it’s not only important but essential if people are going to remember who you are. Share articles about current events or things happening around town, so they know what is relevant at any given time. Responding positively to others when commenting can create an excellent rapport between like-minded individuals, which could lead into new friendships along with expanding one’s network of contacts exponentially.

5) Invest in Call Tracking

Call tracking is an important tool to ensure your business growth. It provides you with the necessary insight into where potential customers are calling from, so that you can tailor their journeys around them and increase conversion rates. Additionally, the best call tracking software for small business allows you to identify which marketing channels have driven new leads, as well as measure how effective different customer service strategies are in retaining current clients through improved lead generation techniques.