Call Routing for Small BusinessDo you find it difficult to handle your call routing? As a business owner, you want to be able to focus on running your company instead of managing the phone, keeping track of sales calls, knowing how your potential customers are being handled as well as what ads work and which don’t. This blog post will introduce you to an affordable call routing software for small businesses that can help manage incoming calls, provide excellent customer service and take care of the previously mentioned problems.

The best part is that this software doesn’t require any additional hardware or equipment! You’ll also learn about many of the features included with this service. Discover what today’s top call tracking and routing software has to offer in terms of features and cost-effectiveness.

What are call tracking and call routing services?

Call tracking provides insight on how your advertising campaigns are performing and also how you can improve customer service. If implemented, all your incoming sales calls from your ads can be tracked using call tracking phone numbers. So basically you can see how new customers are finding your business and how they are being treated by staff when they call you.

Why should you use call tracking and routing software for your business?

More and more customers are using smart phones to call businesses. RingIQ allows you to use different phone numbers for your different advertising campaigns and you have the ability to route incoming calls based on the source and the time of the call.

For example: You may offer after hour or emergency services and when a customer calls you have the ability to send all calls between 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. to completely different numbers than you do during business hours.

What are some of the call routing options and other features available?

With call routing you basically have 4 different options you can use to deliver incoming calls how you want.

  1. Ring Primary Number – This will send all calls to the landline or mobile number you specified in your company settings.
  2. Ring Multiple Numbers – You can set your main number to go to an auto attendant or voicemail and then you can have multiple other numbers ring at the same time. The benefit of this is that customers will be able to reach your business in a variety of different ways .
  3. Round Robin – You are able to specify several phone numbers that you want to send calls to. The call routing system will distribute calls evenly across the numbers you specified.
  4. Custom IVR – This prompts callers to interact with their keypad and the system will route calls based on your instructions. With this option you can use different routing options based on which keypad number the call presses. The routing options are the same as above.

What are the benefits to using call tracking and call routing software?

You able to see which campaigns are working best by tracking how many calls they generate. By analyzing the call details you may need to make changes in your advertising campaigns. With this information, you can better allocate budgets and resources in order to lower costs and make more sales.

Having the ability to route your incoming sales calls should drastically improve efficiency and improve customer service. Bottom line is that using software like this basically pays for itself!

How to Get Started

RingIQ is here to provide you with an all in one system that can handle all the call routing for your business, large or small. We provide you with a seamless integration and even provide white glove service for you!

You can go to our Pricing page, choose a plan that works for you. Once you sign up for a plan please feel free to call us if you want one of our team members guide you through setting it up in real time.


You can click on the Demo link below to do a discovery call which will show you exactly how we can help your business.