Are you looking for the best call tracking software for small businesses? If so, you are in luck. In this article, we have compiled a list of five different call tracking features that will help you grow your business more efficiently. The five most used features by small businesses are as follows.

  • Call Recording
  • Custom Call Recordings
  • Intelligent Call Routing Options
  • Call Whisper Feature
  • Detailed Reports

The five call tracking software features that we have mentioned are all great for small businesses. However, some of them may be better suited to your needs than others. This is why it’s important to consider the features that could help you grow your business efficiently before making a final decision about which one is best for you.

Call tracking software can give you an idea of what calls were generated and from where they originated. Each call tracking phone number can be assigned to individual advertising campaigns, and you will know exactly who answered each call, how long the conversation lasted, and if there was any follow-up required after the call ended (for example: sending out an email). There is also our post about What is Call Tracking and How it Works In addition to many features available, the most used is the call recording feature.

The main benefit with any type of call tracking service is that it can help increase your conversion rates by analyzing what marketing campaigns work the best. Most importantly, tracking your calls is going to expose your poor performing ads so that you can better utilize the money being wasted on those campaigns.

Now, let’s have a look at the features mentioned above.

Call Recording is one of the most used features because it lets you listen to each phone call at your leisure. Having the ability to listen to your inbound sales calls can provide you with great insight as to how your sales team is performing. These recordings let you know if any training or retraining needs to be done so that they are more effective when speaking with your customers.

Custom Call Recordings is a very popular feature for small businesses because it allows you to have unique recordings for each advertising campaign such as; call recording notices, voicemails, after hour voicemails, custom IVR recordings and call whispers.

Intelligent Call Routing options is where the call tracking service for your small business becomes really powerful. Intelligent routing will allow you to customize which phone number(s) your customers can reach at different times of the day and what days they are available. You have the ability to send incoming calls to a single phone (i.e. your office), ring multiple phones at the same time or take turns sending calls to different employees.

Additionally, you can also specify how you want to handle after hour callers.

Call Whisper is a great feature for small businesses that run different ads that offer a multitude of discounts or offers. Basically, you set a call whisper recording up for each campaign, and this recording will play each time you answer a call from one of your campaigns using it. For instance, you may offer customers from your magazine ad a 20% discount so when a customer from the magazine ad calls, you will hear your recording that may say….. You have an incoming call from your ABC magazine ad. This preps you so that you know they are aware of the 20% discount being offered.

Detailed Reports is by far one of the most appreciated features because the reports can be run within seconds. Not only are the reports quick to run but with 1 click you can email, save or print each report. A variety of reports can be run, and here are a few examples available:

All Campaigns (or Individual Campaign)

By Calls (Cost Per Call, Volume/Length)

By Employees (All or Individual Employees)

By Results (Unknown, Appointment Set, Sold, Other)

The RingIQ call tracking program for small businesses also has call tracking features, such as being able to see what time each call was received and who picked up the phone on each call. You can then easily sort all these details into easy to read reports for your sales team, administrators or marketing team.

Finally, the most important and money saving benefit of using this type of software is that it will expose poor performing advertising sources. This allows you to move that money being wasted to better performing ads, or gives you available funds to try other advertising platforms.

If you’re a small business owner, call tracking can help your company grow. Call recordings allow you to review what’s being said on the phone and make changes if needed. Intelligent routing options will automatically send calls where they need to go for maximum efficiency while providing the best in customer service. You’ll also have access to detailed reports that show how many times each number has been called and who is calling, in order to determine which of your ads are most effective at driving sales. Give us a call today, so we can provide more information about our phone system, or schedule a demo with one of our experts at the following link!